"Kathy's skills as a coach and facilitator coupled with her skills with horses changed their lives. Within a few hours, Kathy helped those in the Leadership Institute to see how they were leading: inspiring or thwarting their people from doing their best. The participants quickly saw what worked and what they needed to change if they were going to have cohesive, dynamic teams. Instead of weeks or months of classes, talking, team building, etc., after a one day workshop, the women went back to their corporations and started doing things differently to get the best from their people."
Jill L. Marce, Director of Business Development, Women's Vision Leadership Institute, Denver, Colorado


"Going through the Pathways model with Kathy has improved both my own life and my work with my clients. Truly integrating the body and mind, using the human energy system, has allowed me to get right to the root of my clients' issues faster than just talking would -- the body doesn't lie! The Pathways model is a very powerful tool." 
—Monica Walczyk, Professional Coach


“Participating in Pathways to a Radiant Self teleclass has allowed me to replace old patterns and limited beliefs with new patterns and beliefs that increase my vital energy. By bringing my awareness "within" and engaging with my sensations and feelings I have developed my intuition and now trust my inner wisdom and guidance.” 
—Suzi April, Life Coach


"Kathy Pike is an excellent Coach! She has a way of demonstrating and communicating the tools and techniques for growth in an understandable and personal level." 
—Kate Salzer, Minneapolis, Minnesota


"Kathy helped me focus on and clarify what it was I'm trying to do, both personally and professionally. Her coaching has been a catalyst to making my dreams happen." 
—Scott Johnson, singer/songwriter/music publisher Googol Press, Boulder, Colorado


"When I began my coaching relationship with Kathy, I thought I knew what I wanted from the experience. As I began working with her, it became clear to me I had a list of "shoulds". I shifted to wants, and my heart pointed me to the light. Now I live true to myself, moment to moment. My life is fuller, more effective, more productive and most importantly, more peaceful. Thank you Kathy."
—Lorraine, Program Manager, Health Care Industry

"Thank you for facilitating this great space last weekend. It had a profound effect on me, leading me to a place of experiencing my life more  -  experiencing my surroundings as mirror  - rather then just seeing it. Thank you again." 
—Rita Grobe


"Kathy Pike has the ability to know exactly what to say, when to listen and when to question. She knows just how to get me to look a little deeper and has the right exercises to keep me focused. She has a wonderful balance of gentleness and directness that has allowed me to feel fully supported and challenged at the same time.


"Kathy has been extremely attentive and focused on my needs. There is now doubt about it, some of the calls are tough. Tough in a way that feels successful, as you have stretched further than you thought possible. I realize that to develop, it is in those moments of discovery that will help lead me to where I ultimately want to be.

"If you are ready to do the work, work with Kathy. She will be there to push you, listen to you, support you and praise you as you continue to grow."
Maureen McNamara, Dynamic Learning, Inc., Boulder, CO

About Kathy Pike

Kathy Pike is a speaker, coach, facilitator and an internationally published author in both English and Dutch. She has nearly 20 years experience in the fields of human development and personal growth as a coach trainer, life coach and leadership trainer.

As a pioneer in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching (EFLC), Kathy has traveled around the world hosting a variety of international students. She has coached participants from over 18 countries and students certified in her methodologies are located in seven different countries.

Kathy is known for the unique system she created called Mind Body MethodTM Coaching. The three powerful coaching models of this Method are used and taught in her coaching and on-site programs with horses. Her compassionate, intuitive, and cutting edge approach in working with individuals provides her clients access to their deepest level of truth, power, and ability to live with purpose and passion.

A diverse approach to accessing human potential has grown from Kathy’s experience as a coach trainer for CoachU, a corporate trainer, a teacher at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, and from ten years working in the healing arts as a massage and polarity therapist. Her corporate training includes a certificate for the Coaches Clinic, through Corporate CoachU.

Kathy has spoken at several International Coach Federation (ICF) conferences as well as several regional and local organizations. The ICF has also recognized Kathy Pike as a Continued Coaching Education (CCE) Provider and her Level One and Level Two EFLC Programs qualify for CCE credits.

As a leader in the field of EFLC, Kathy is in high demand as a speaker at national conferences. She is often requested to speak on topics such as the power of presence, the power of the mind to transform our experiences and inspirational talks on how Horse heals and expands awareness.

When Kathy is not teaching or coaching you can find her training her wild mustang, Corazon, trail riding with her quarter horse, Moon or scratching on her Palomino mare, Diva. You might also find her skiing the mountains of Colorado or hiking the local trails with her dog, Inkie. Her hobbies include painting and yoga.


Hope...From the Heart of Horses: How Horses Teach Us About Presence, Strength, and Awareness, which focuses on the power of horses to help humans grow with a foreword by Linda Kohanov and published by Skyhorse publishing, 2009.

Pathways to a Radiant Self, A Journey of Growth and Discovery with the Chakras published in 2001.

Horse as Teacher book series founded by Kathy Pike and MJ Schwader. Each book features 10 equine specialists and their stories demonstrating the horse as teacher for humans.



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Personal Note From Kathy

Through several serendipitous experiences in my life, I began to learn about how horses think, how they handle their energy and how they communicate with each other. I began to understand and approach horses from a different perspective.

I began to use this new knowledge and my emotional responses with horses as an important part of my process and development. I learned how to track and acknowledge my energy and emotions. It was apparent that it mattered much more “who” I was, than the “what or how” of my actions. I practiced being fully congruent and authentic, both emotionally and mentally, in the presence of a horse. Slowly I recognized and experienced them on a cellular level. I learned new ways of respecting these magnificent creatures.

This level of presence and awareness grew from the Mind Body MethodTM coaching models I developed before horses came into my life. It has now become the foundation of my work with horses and the process is part of what I teach in my EFLC Apprenticeship program.

Experiencing the potential of horses as teachers came to me in my first round pen experience with a “natural” horseman. The realization of how I was trying to communicate and connect with the horse but was failing to do so was instant and profound. This one experience changed how I communicate with horses and with all beings that I viewed as more powerful than myself. In one moment I learned how to be fully powerful, without overpowering another or becoming powerless myself. I quickly saw how this work could benefit clients in my life coaching practice.

Healing experiences with horses are plentiful and I have continued to bond deeply with them in my life. I feel blessed to have had ten years of healing experience in my background and to see how these philosophies transfer to the horse. Clients have also been blessed with such experiences. It is not uncommon for tears of joy, sadness, or inner power to flow. It is not uncommon for people to call me a few days later and say “Thank you, this experience changed my life.” To be fully present and communicate with a 1000 pound, powerful, sensitive animal is truly indescribable.

My own experiences with horses changed my life. I experienced a deeper connection with my own body, and developed an ability to ground my power and speak my truth. I developed the skill to be authentic with my feelings in my relationships with others. I now honor my gut feelings and intuition about situations, agreements, and partnerships I am considering. In addition, I experienced a tremendous increase in my creative expression. For the first time in my life, I began to paint large abstracts, something I longed to do for many years. I moved from living in my head to living and moving forward from the heart. I returned to a more authentic me, a me without an underlying current of anxiety or fear.

My path took me to Tucson, Arizona to study in a year-long apprenticeship program with Linda Kohanov. Linda's materials and philosophies continue to influence my work. I honor her for being one of the first individuals to step forth and bravely write about her experiences with horses and for her support in writing the foreword in my book Hope from the Heart of Horses: How Horses Teach Us About Presence, Strength and Awareness.

In all of my years working with people I feel blessed and honored to witness their growth, and the willingness they have to live life fully and to know themselves deeply. I am humbled to travel throughout the world offering this work and to have the horses participate in it with me. Their beauty, strength, honesty, curiosity and grace amaze me every day.

My life is dedicated to helping people evolve and heal, and to reach their fullest potential, as well as to help horses be recognized and respected as powerful teachers. My equine programs are designed with this intention.

I invite you to join me for an extraordinary experience and reconnect with yourself through the spirit of horses.


Kathy Pike

My Totem - White Horse Dancing

The white horse is symbolic of purification. The white horse energy brings one back to their authentic nature and aligns one to their highest potential. The white horse seeks illumination and refers to the sage that is willing to surrender what is familiar, ego based, and brings short term gratification, in favor of choices that lead to liberation, service, and the honoring of what is sacred.